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I am proud to be a source of encouragement and collarboration with educators around the world. I offer many resources, including interactive school visits, that tie into my book Smack Dab in the Middle of Maybe.


Free Resources

I am happy to offer #goopen resources for teachers to use in their classrooms. Explore the links below for these free resources!

School Visits (Virtual Options Available)

I offer school visits year round to teachers and students throughout the world. In order to schedule a school visit or school event, please email and put the name of your city and state in the subject line.

Jo Hackl was an absolute treat to have visit our school. As evidenced by her realistic portrayal of Cricket in Smack Dab in the Middle of Maybe, Jo completely gets the natural curiosity of our elementary students– her audience was enthralled with her storytelling, props, and relevant insights on the writing and editing process. My only regret of Jo’s visit to our school was not having enough time to have her work with students on some of her writing-specific presentations, like “using the power of poetry techniques to make your writing shine.” Students connected with Jo, not just because they love her book, but because they were respected as fellow writers, readers, and nature-lovers.

–Mollee Holloman, Manteo Elementary

Jo Hackl takes young readers on an adventurous journey filled with resilience, love and suspense. The way she intricately weaves together people and places kept my scholars wanting to spend hours combing through the novel.  My scholars were able to escape the world’s “New Norm” of masks and quarantine and live vicariously through Cricket as she races the clock on her quest for “home.”

– N. Cole –  Communities In Schools, Morningside Middle School

I also offer special incentives to educators who order Smack Dab in the Middle of Maybe for their classroom libraries!

Please email to let us know that you bought the book, and we will send you some free Smack Dab swag, like a signed poster and a flowering plant fort kit. You will also be entered to win a Skype or in-person visit to your classroom.

For additional resources and activities, be sure to check out what I have for readers and book clubs!

Free resources created just for you!
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