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I love a good book club and at any age Smack Dab in the Middle of Maybe is the perfect pick for all readers to enjoy! Below you’ll find activities to help you have the best book club experience with Smack Dab!

I’ve heard from lots of readers asking about a book club menu. Smack Dab is set in my home state of Mississippi, and it seemed only fitting to design a menu around Mississippi producers! In my research to find genuine Mississippi recipes and products, I discovered that the Mississippi Department of Agriculture has a website where you can find links to Mississippi producers!

A few notes about the menu:

The menu features my family’s own recipes that have been handed down! I’m not sure who invented them, but they sure are delicious! My cousin Elizabeth is an amazing cook and she’s helped me create videos of how to make our favorite family recipes. Check out the menu for links to her videos! In my (biased) opinion, my mother makes the best fried catfish in the world, so of course I’ve also included a video of how to make this delicious dish!

Follow the link above for the full menu! All the recipes and video guides are linked within the menu. Simply hover over the dish you’d like to learn how to make and click. I hope you enjoy tasting a bit of my Mississippi favorites!


Additional activities and resources for a fun time with Smack Dab are located on my reader and educator pages!

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